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列治文廣場珍奶果汁店 黃金位置正對天車站 人潮絡繹不絕 對飲品項目及供貨商選擇擁有完全自主權 租金低廉 潛在利潤極高 詢問電話Peter 周萬財 604-6440835

Bubble tea house in Richmond Centre. Golden location just in front of the entrance. This Bubble tea house has complete freedom to choose its own menu and suppliers. Also can sell bubble...
Property Area :100.00sqft
溫東時裝服飾首飾店 附加修改衣服,打鑰匙及換手表電池生意 地點絕佳 正對公車站牌 鄰里熟客多 一千多租金極為低廉 極具潛力改做其他生意 售價含存貨 請勿打擾店家 詢問Peter 周萬財 604-644-0835

It is a retail store selling clothes/purse/shoes. Also provided copy-key and clothes adjustment business. The location is great. Just in...
Property Area :700.00sqft
八佰伴美食廣場 知名中餐 全天人流旺暢 生意好熟客多 有大量敎會及派對訂餐 賣方將提供寶貴人脈給買家 提供培訓 租金便宜 交鑰匙生意 接手即可賺錢 詢問電話Peter 周萬財 604-6440835
Well-Known food court restaurant located at one of the busiest mall in Richmond. This restaurant is exceedingly popular in Richmond. A lot of regular...
Property Area :346.00sqft
列治文八佰伴果汁及甜品店 著名正宗雞蛋仔 生意穩定 低成本易管理 租金合理 長租約 賣家可提供培訓及雞蛋仔渠道!開價238000 詢問Peter:周萬財604-6440835
Busy juice bar located in Yaohan Centre food court in Richmond, full commercial kitchen. With a menu featuring fresh juice, bubble tea, dessert, egg waffle, it is very easy to operate. Long term...
Property Area :439.00sqft
Cell phone repair / accessories retail store at the entrance of one of the busies skytrain stations in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Manageable rent and low startup cost, it is the perfect business for tech savvy entrepreneurs. Training can be provided and the price includes all inventory. 3 years left on the lease with option to renew.
溫西市中心手機維修 配件零售店...
Property Area :716.00sqft
16 seats Japanese restaurant on Canada Way near Boundary Road. Surrounded by offices, industrial complexes and residences. Busy takeout-delivery business. Perfect for a small family to run. Lots of potential.
本拿比日餐 鄰近工業區寫字樓住宅區 多外賣 生意穩定成長 租金$3700全包 適合小家庭經營
詢問電話 Peter周萬財:604-644-0835
Property Area :738.00sqft
溫東漢堡簡餐店 近學校公園 學生多生意穩定 設備新 詢問電話 Peter周萬財:604-644-0835
Property Area :1600.00sqft
列治文商舖物業出售 位於IKEA附近工業區 永久產權共有物業 帶2個停車位 用途廣 可做零售 服務 辦公室貨倉 出租自用皆可 投資好機會 詢問電話 Peter周萬財:604-644-0835
Property Area :901.00sqft
Bubble Tea business located at THE SHOPS OF HIGH STREET in the South Surrey / White Rock area is now available at a very attractive price. Growing business, no direct competition. Price includes all leasehold improvement and equipment. Long term lease in place at an affordable rate, all you need is to start operating to make money right away.
南素里唯一奶茶知名品牌 生意穩定成長...
Property Area :1251.00sqft
北素里洗衣店 近學校住宅區 固定客戶多收入穩定 停車方便 非常容易上手 適合夫妻經營
詢問電話 Peter周萬財:604-644-0835
Property Area :1000.00sqft


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