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This is a good chance to take over this small business with the investment property, very easy to operate for couples and the time is very flexible
列治文金鐘廊美食廣場 便宜商業物業 現經營精緻簡餐美食 有商業廚房 適合各人士投資 經營簡單易做 投資首選 機會難逢千萬別錯過 生意+物業開價$180,000
Property Area :198.00sqft
Over 2700 S.F. brand new renovation special style cuisine Chinese Restaurant with big storage or game room upstairs. Licensed for 60 seats till midnight. Big commercial kitchen. The gross monthly rent is $7850
列治文好地段 進口小龍蝦餐廳 新鮮食材搭配獨特料理 新裝修室內精巧舒適 有酒牌至24點 樓上可做儲藏室或休息工作室 開價$558,000 租金7850 座位60
Property Area :2702.00sqft
It’s a super busiest corner location on Bute & Robson Street. Good for any kind of snack tea house with an expert idea for the business. You can keep the franchise or run your own branch.
溫西市中心 QOOLA冰淇淋蔬果餐廳 低熱量又健康 蔬食豐富種類多 氣氛悠閒 適合大眾人士創業 開價$99,000 租金$13,500 座位10
Property Area :706.00sqft
It's a super location for Bubble Tea or Desserts House in the UBC area. Over 1000 SF and the monthly gross rent $3200 - with 16 up seats. Act fast it won't last!
溫西10街 精巧簡餐甜品屋 寧靜悠閒好環境 近UBC大學及高級住宅區 學生洋人生意 小生意好選擇 易上手勿失良機 開價$78,000 租金$3,200 座位16
Property Area :1017.00sqft
85 seat restaurant with full liquor license in busy West Broadway near VGH. Fully equipped kitchen with 2500 SF of space. Great opportunity! no direct contact please. All showings by appointment, thanks
溫哥華特色老店 西百老匯店 人流旺區 黃金地段 租期長(4+5)近醫院市政府 全酒牌 備停車場 保證賺錢 可以買部分股權 可以分期付款...
Property Area :2500.00sqft
Over 180 seats licensed well known Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant on the same location over 15 years with loyal clientele in the Central Richmond Plaza. The monthly gross rent only $12,000 till August 31st 2022 plus 2(5) years option. Please don't disturb Staff & Seller. Showing by appointment only
列治文最佳地段 大型中式海鮮酒樓 寬敞明亮 菜色遠近馳名 從早到晚高朋滿座 日均營業額$5,500 適合有心人士創業 開價$480,000 租金$12,000 座位180
Property Area :4590.00sqft
A Japanese sushi well known all you can eat Restaurant in the Chinese Super Mall Plaza. It's over 6600 SF with 250 Seats, and the daily sales over $7500. The monthly gross rent approx$18,000 and the remaining lease terms 2 years plus 5 years option. Open Sushi bar, huge kitchen. Please do not disturb staff.
列治文人流旺廣場 高檔大型日式料理 環境極佳 可改其他餐飲 有酒牌大停車場 投資創業最好地點 開價$795,000 租金$18,000 座位250
Property Area :6600.00sqft
It's an excellent opportunity to own a well known all you can eat Japanese Sushi Restaurant in the intersection of Vancouver and Burnaby City. 5500 S.F. with more than 150 seats, the daily sales over $6,000 per day. The monthly gross rent approx $13,000. Please bring offer, but do not disturb Staff. Thanks
溫東精緻大型日式餐廳 搶手地段熱鬧商圈 日均營業額$6,000 投資準確盈利雙收 勿失良機 開價$680,000 租金$13,000 座位150
Property Area :5500.00sqft
It's a perfect business location right on Knight & 49th Ave. The seller has been there 18 years. It's good for couples or partnership business. Lots of Eat-in, take-out even delivery. Licensed for 16 seats, monthly gross rent $2415. Asking price which includes the trade name & all equipments. The seller willing to provide one month training.
Property Area :900.00sqft
It's a great opportunity in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Profitable & easy to operate business. The seller has been there over 30 years. Over 2000 SF and the monthly gross rent approx $12,000 over 60 seats with commercial kitchen.
溫西懷舊西式牛排館 位於downtown市中心 獨創中西混合美味料理 有酒牌舖後有停車場 七天營業 東主經營32年退休 開價$49,000 租金$12,000 座位60
Property Area :2095.00sqft


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